Tips for Navigating a Busy Airport this Thanksgiving
23 November 2017

The coming days are among the busiest for LPIA operations, with thousands of people travelling for Thanksgiving. Keep your spirits bright with these travel tips.

  • Get mobile! Confirming travel details, checking in and seeing what amenities are offered at LPIA and onboard is all easily done from the convenience of your smart phone. (Just remember to pack a charger!)
  • Pack wisely. Check with your local pre-board screening authority for rules about carry-on baggage. Restrictions still apply for liquids, aerosols and gels so remember the 311 rule: 4 ounces or less per container for liquids, gels or aerosols; packed in 1 quart-sized clear plastic zip-top bag; limit of 1 bag per passenger.
  • Allow for extra time to get to LPIA. Anticipate extra hustle and bustle at the airport, especially on Friday November 24 and Saturday November 25.  Arrive early to check in, clear security and head to your gate with time to relax.
  • Lineup for screening? Take advantage of the wait by placing coins, keys and any small metal items in the screening bin and unpacking your laptop from its bag.
  • Pack a little extra patience. Thanksgiving is among the busiest times for LPIA, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to keep people, bags and planes moving.
  • Happy travels! Whether you’re heading to a family dinner, going shopping or returning home, enjoy your trip.

From all of us at LPIA, best wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving.

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