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Flight Airline Departing To Date Scheduled Remarks Terminal
712Western AirFreeport2021-05-12May 12PM3:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
400Western AirThe Bight2021-05-12May 12PM1:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
900Western AirSouth Bimini2021-05-12May 12AM9:15AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
516Western AirCongo Town2021-05-12May 12AM8:45AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
500Western AirSan Andros2021-05-12May 12AM7:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
714Western AirFreeport2021-05-12May 12PM3:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
203BahamasairFt.Lauderdale2021-05-12May 12AM11:30AMOn TimeU.S.
1Caribbean AirlinesKingston2021-05-12May 12PM3:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
604Western AirMarsh Harbour2021-05-12May 12PM12:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
707Western AirFreeport2021-05-12May 12PM12:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
800Western AirGeorge Town2021-05-12May 12AM9:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
602Western AirMarsh Harbour2021-05-12May 12AM7:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
701Western AirFreeport2021-05-12May 12AM7:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
402BahamasairCrooked Island2021-05-12May 12PM12:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
377BahamasairSan Salvador2021-05-12May 12AM7:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
370BahamasairGeorge Town2021-05-12May 12AM7:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
363BahamasairNorth Eleuthera2021-05-12May 12AM9:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
135BahamasairMarsh Harbour2021-05-12May 12AM7:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
319BahamasairFreeport2021-05-12May 12AM7:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
1455United AirlinesHouston-Bush2021-05-12May 12PM3:45PMOn TimeContact Airline
1539United AirlinesNewark2021-05-12May 12PM2:00PMOn TimeContact Airline
988Pineapple AirGov. Harbour2021-05-12May 12PM3:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
984Pineapple AirGov. Harbour2021-05-12May 12AM11:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
980Pineapple AirGov. Harbour2021-05-12May 12AM6:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
203LeairGreat Harbour Cay2021-05-12May 12PM4:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
303LeairMangrove Cay2021-05-12May 12PM3:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
103LeairAndros Town2021-05-12May 12PM3:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
205LeairGreat Harbour Cay2021-05-12May 12PM12:45PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
2394JetBlue AirwaysFt.Lauderdale2021-05-12May 12PM6:25PMOn TimeU.S.
1394JetBlue AirwaysFt.Lauderdale2021-05-12May 12PM1:01PMOn TimeU.S.
2922JetBlue AirwaysNew York-JFK2021-05-12May 12PM12:36PMOn TimeU.S.
3813American AirlinesMiami2021-05-12May 12AM11:19AMOn TimeU.S.
201LeairGreat Harbour Cay2021-05-12May 12AM7:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
101LeairAndros Town2021-05-12May 12AM7:15AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
301LeairMangrove Cay2021-05-12May 12AM6:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
2118JetBlue AirwaysNewark2021-05-12May 12PM2:15PMOn TimeU.S.
1453American AirlinesMiami2021-05-12May 12PM3:00PMOn TimeU.S.
392Flamingo AirBlack Point2021-05-12May 12PM4:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
602Flamingo AirGreat Harbour Cay2021-05-12May 12PM3:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
1976Delta AirlinesAtlanta2021-05-12May 12PM6:20PMOn TimeU.S.
1918Delta AirlinesNew York-JFK2021-05-12May 12PM1:18PMOn TimeU.S.
600Flamingo AirGov. Harbour2021-05-12May 12AM6:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
390Flamingo AirMangrove Cay2021-05-12May 12PM3:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
1965Delta AirlinesAtlanta2021-05-12May 12PM1:14PMOn TimeU.S.
1192American AirlinesDallas - DFW2021-05-12May 12PM12:48PMOn TimeU.S.
382Flamingo AirBlack Point2021-05-12May 12AM8:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
380Flamingo AirMangrove Cay2021-05-12May 12AM6:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
859American AirlinesCharlotte2021-05-12May 12PM3:01PMOn TimeU.S.
893American AirlinesCharlotte2021-05-12May 12PM12:55PMOn TimeU.S.
2256American AirlinesMiami2021-05-12May 12PM6:00PMOn TimeU.S.
711Western AirFreeport2021-05-11May 11PM4:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
400Western AirThe Bight2021-05-11May 11PM1:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
900Western AirSouth Bimini2021-05-11May 11AM9:15AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
516Western AirCongo Town2021-05-11May 11AM8:45AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
500Western AirSan Andros2021-05-11May 11AM7:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
2394JetBlue AirwaysFt.Lauderdale2021-05-11May 11PM6:25PMOn TimeU.S.
714Western AirFreeport2021-05-11May 11PM3:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
604Western AirMarsh Harbour2021-05-11May 11PM12:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
707Western AirFreeport2021-05-11May 11PM12:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
800Western AirGeorge Town2021-05-11May 11AM9:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
602Western AirMarsh Harbour2021-05-11May 11AM7:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
701Western AirFreeport2021-05-11May 11AM7:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
203BahamasairFt.Lauderdale2021-05-11May 11AM11:30AMOn TimeU.S.
357BahamasairGeorge Town2021-05-11May 11AM7:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
135BahamasairMarsh Harbour2021-05-11May 11AM7:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
315BahamasairFreeport2021-05-11May 11AM6:45AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
1455United AirlinesHouston-Bush2021-05-11May 11PM3:45PMOn TimeContact Airline
1539United AirlinesNewark2021-05-11May 11PM2:00PMOn TimeContact Airline
988Pineapple AirGov. Harbour2021-05-11May 11PM3:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
984Pineapple AirGov. Harbour2021-05-11May 11AM11:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
980Pineapple AirGov. Harbour2021-05-11May 11AM6:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
203LeairGreat Harbour Cay2021-05-11May 11PM4:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
303LeairMangrove Cay2021-05-11May 11PM3:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
103LeairAndros Town2021-05-11May 11PM3:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
201LeairGreat Harbour Cay2021-05-11May 11AM7:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
101LeairAndros Town2021-05-11May 11AM7:15AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
301LeairMangrove Cay2021-05-11May 11AM6:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
1453American AirlinesMiami2021-05-11May 11PM3:00PMOn TimeU.S.
2118JetBlue AirwaysNewark2021-05-11May 11PM2:15PMOn TimeU.S.
1394JetBlue AirwaysFt.Lauderdale2021-05-11May 11PM1:01PMOn TimeU.S.
2922JetBlue AirwaysNew York-JFK2021-05-11May 11PM12:36PMOn TimeU.S.
3813American AirlinesMiami2021-05-11May 11AM11:19AMOn TimeU.S.
392Flamingo AirBlack Point2021-05-11May 11PM4:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
602Flamingo AirGreat Harbour Cay2021-05-11May 11PM3:30PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
600Flamingo AirGov. Harbour2021-05-11May 11AM6:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
390Flamingo AirMangrove Cay2021-05-11May 11PM3:00PMOn TimeDOM / INTL
382Flamingo AirBlack Point2021-05-11May 11AM8:00AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
380Flamingo AirMangrove Cay2021-05-11May 11AM6:30AMOn TimeDOM / INTL
1976Delta AirlinesAtlanta2021-05-11May 11PM6:20PMOn TimeU.S.
1918Delta AirlinesNew York-JFK2021-05-11May 11PM1:18PMOn TimeU.S.
1965Delta AirlinesAtlanta2021-05-11May 11PM1:14PMOn TimeU.S.
1192American AirlinesDallas - DFW2021-05-11May 11PM12:48PMOn TimeU.S.
859American AirlinesCharlotte2021-05-11May 11PM3:01PMOn TimeU.S.
893American AirlinesCharlotte2021-05-11May 11PM12:55PMOn TimeU.S.
2256American AirlinesMiami2021-05-11May 11PM6:00PMOn TimeU.S.
60Silver AirwaysFt.Lauderdale2021-05-11May 11PM1:55PMOn TimeU.S.