LPIA Salutes John Beadle🙏🏾
19 April 2024

Bahamian multidisciplinary artist John Beadle was known for his ability to translate his art across various mediums.  In 2011, he joined a team of engineers as they installed his signature sculpture of a 3-piece rake n scrape band at Lynden Pindling International Airport. During the installation, the three, massive figures moved carefully along Windsor Field Road atop a flatbed truck and proved to be a stunning scene for onlookers wondering where these life-like figures were headed. Out of the cold concrete Beadle had carved a scene that evoked the rhythm and soul of a live performance. His piece, “Playing With The Spirits” is now an iconic part of our airport’s all Bahamian art program. Today, as we mourn the passing of this magnificent Bahamian artist, we remember John Beadle’s lasting contribution to our airport and to the world of art.   

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