NASSAU, BAHAMAS, Sunday, May 15, 2022— On Wednesday May 18, 2022, stakeholders at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) will conduct a full-scale emergency exercise. The drill scenario will begin at 10:30a.m. with a call to NAD’s Operations Center from Air Traffic Services concerning an aircraft inbound to LPIA, from Rock Sound, Eleuthera with 60 persons including crew onboard. The aircraft will be reported as having engine trouble, and will be involved in a simulated crash.

Local and international aviation regulations require airports to establish an emergency plan commensurate with the aircraft operations and other activities conducted at the airport. Regulations also mandate that a full-scale emergency exercise should be conducted at intervals not exceeding two years to evaluate the Emergency Plan.

Bahamas Immigration and Royal Bahamas Defence Force recruits will pose as crewmembers and passengers involved in the incident and volunteers from The Bahamas Red Cross will act as distraught family members and friends.  In addition, teams from local emergency response agencies including the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Royal Bahamas Defense Force, Civil Aviation Authority Bahamas, Bahamas Air Navigation Services Authority (BANSA), Air Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA), National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), National Emergency Medical Services (NEMS), Airport Authority, Bahamas Red Cross Society, Princess Margaret Hospital, Doctors Hospital, The Department of Public Health, Bahamas Immigration, Bahamas Customs, United States Customs and Border Protection, The US Embassy, The British High Commission, The Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) and Bahamasair will participate in the drill.  We are proud to advise that Bahamasair, the national carrier, will act as host airline for the exercise.

Deborah Coleby, NAD’s Vice President of Operations says putting LPIA’s emergency plan to the test allows all agencies involved to assess their individual level of preparedness and orchestrate a coordinated response.

“Upon completion of the exercise, a debrief will be conducted and a final report generated will provide feedback by local and international evaluators. Improvements are made based on the findings of the final report and the airport’s Emergency Plan is updated accordingly,” Coleby explained.

Wednesday’s exercise is expected to last approximately four hours. Passengers are advised that air travel to LPIA will not be impacted during the drill. Members of the general public are also advised that there will be emergency response vehicles in the vicinity of the airport during the drill.

NAD encourages travelers to proceed with their travel plans as scheduled.

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Photo caption:  Emergency personnel assisting with the triage and transport of the simulated wounded during LPIA’s last major full scale emergency drill. The latest emergency drill is set for May 18th, 2022 at 10:30am

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NAD Seeks Proponents For Three New Opportunities At LPIA As Tourism Recovery Continues  

15 Years After Redevelopment, Airport Still An Economic Driver For The Bahamas 

NASSAU, BAHAMAS March 24, 2022 Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) continues to be an economic driver in the Bahamian economy as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, airport managers issued a new RFP for an independent partner to manage all digital and display advertising at LPIA. The advertising RFP is one of three current business opportunities available at the airport, this as passenger numbers and revenue projections trend upward.

In addition to the RFP for LPIA’s Advertising Concession for indoor and outdoor spaces, Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) is also seeking proponents to operate a 300 sq. ft. Bahamian-themed food and beverage concession in the Domestic/International Departures terminal and a 100 sq. ft. retail space in the US Departures Lounge.

“At the close of 2021, NAD had recovered 68% of its passengers compared to 2019 which was a banner year for LPIA.  For 2022, we continue to see strong returns particularly from key target markets like Newark, Washington, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami and London. This growth is also being mirrored on our revenue side especially during the last quarter of 2021,” said Vernice Walkine, President & CEO of NAD.

At the final quarter of 2021, LPIA had close to 2.1 million airline seats, 80% of what the airport reported in 2019. More traffic in terminal means a boost in revenue for existing food and beverage and retail outlets. The increase also creates an environment for NAD to pursue new proponents for concession contracts

“The growth is encouraging. It speaks to the viability of our overall tourism product and the confidence visitors have in the destination. We have taken our industry’s recovery very seriously and have built a level of trust with our business partners and hope to continue that in the future.”

NAD’s current business model is a strong mix of aeronautical revenue generated primarily through passenger facility charges, aircraft parking and landing fees and non-aeronautical or commercial operations revenue inclusive of terminal leases and concessions, car parking and others. In December 2021, the company’s non-aeronautical revenues were $7.7 million fiscal YTD, 6% above what was forecasted with December numbers being up 23% over projections. The amount represented 88% of the YTD non-aeronautical revenue for the same period in 2019, a banner year for airport passenger numbers and revenue generation.

Walkine continued: “The economic impact of LPIA, particularly over the past 15 years since its complete redevelopment under NAD, is significant. More than 4000 persons work at the airport and many businesses and spinoff operations benefit directly from LPIA. As we push the industry forward beyond the pandemic, our focus is on improving our efficiency, enhancing the passenger experience and creating viable revenue generation through commercial opportunities at the airport.”

For more information on the current RFPs available at LPIA visit, https://nassaulpia.com/news/.

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Photo Caption 1–  Three new commercial opportunities currently available at LPIA as operators see industry steadily rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo Caption 2– 15 years after redevelopment, LPIA continues to be an economic driver in the Bahamian economy.

Photo Caption 3- LPIA releases details on new airport advertising concessions RFP


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Nassau Airport Development Company Limited (NAD), the operator of the Lynden Pindling International Airport is interested in attracting experienced, enthusiastic and imaginative operators for a Retail kiosk. Proponents must be capable of designing, financing and operating a Retail Kiosk in the US Departures Terminal of the airport. The retail unit should offer unique products and/or services at competitive prices that are suited for US Passenger Traffic.

Nassau Airport Development Company Limited (NAD), the operator of the Lynden Pindling International Airport is interested in attracting experienced, enthusiastic and imaginative operators for a Bahamian themed food and beverage concession. Proponents must be capable of designing, financing and operating the concession located in the Domestic and International Terminal of the airport. 

NASSAU, BAHAMAS January 17, 2022— This month, Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) will begin transitioning all Parking & Ground Transportation (PGT) operations at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) to a cashless environment.
Effective January 31, 2022 customer transactions in the domestic and international parking facilities will be processed using a valid debit or credit card. The change will also apply to persons processing payments for towed vehicles and to ground transportation operators (livery/tour companies and taxicab operators) paying to access parking facilities and the commercial lane at the airport.
According to Vernice Walkine, President & CEO at NAD, the move to a cashless model for PGT operations is primarily to reduce security risk to team members and to inevitably improve processing efficiency in these areas of operation. Over the next several weeks, NAD will push a public awareness campaign about the impending changes highlighting an alternative option for persons without access to debit or credit cards.
“We recognize that a segment of our customer base may not have debit or credit cards available to process transactions for Parking & Ground Transportation services. Our team has put a contingency plan in place to accommodate payment processing for persons who may find themselves in this position,” she explained.
“We have engaged the services of an independent third-party vendor to provide a payment option. Starting this month, persons will be able to use their cash to purchase a debit card at Island Pay kiosks conveniently located in both Domestic and International arrivals terminals.”
Debit cards accessed through the kiosks can be used for Parking & Ground Transportation processing at LPIA and can also be used at more than 30 million merchants locally and internationally where Mastercard is accepted. Customers can select values from $5 to up to $500 based on what is required for the transaction.
Walkine continued: “As we make the transition to cashless operations in our PGT facilities, we want to assure the public that we are focused on making our facilities accessible to every customer even as we work to keep our team members safe. Please note that all other areas within our facilities will continue to operate with the payment options currently in place.”
The airport management company anticipates a full transition to cashless for parking and ground transportation services at LPIA to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2022. For more information on the new process visit www.nassaulpia.com.
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Photo Caption – NAD to begin transitioning Parking and Ground Transportation services to cashless at LPIA.
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS November 9, 2021—On October 29th, 2021, Airports Council International (ACI) awarded Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) its COVID-19 Health Accreditation for the second year in a row. The country’s major gateway joins more than 400 facilities from around the world to meet the industry’s criteria for safe operations in a COVID-19 environment.  Earning the reaccreditation confirms Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) and LPIA stakeholders’ commitment to efficiently and effectively processing passengers amidst a global pandemic.

The announcement comes as passenger numbers begin to trend upwards with tourism officials anticipating a near return to pre-covid visitor levels between Thanksgiving and the new year.

Jonathan Hanna, NAD’s Director of Operations said the focus heading into the end-of-year peak will be on monitoring current safety protocols and improving existing operations procedures.

“Our efforts to maintain a safe and efficient facility continues particularly as we move into a busy travel period. We established protocols for COVID-19 management and those guidelines have worked well over the past 20 months in helping us prioritize the health and safety of all airport users,” Hanna explained.

“The reaccreditation from ACI confirms that we are on the right track. Our goal, from an Operations standpoint, is to work with the airport community to remain compliant with all local and international best practices while providing a comfortable travel experience for all.”

The health accreditation program is based on aviation industry guidance set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Take-Off document and ACI’s Recovery and Restart Best Practices.  Areas of focus include cleaning and disinfection, staff and stakeholder protection and effective passenger communications. ACI also takes into consideration in-terminal operations and key points of engagement/interaction inclusive of check-in areas, security screening, gates, lounges and retail/food & beverage areas.

In 2020, LPIA became one of the first airports in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve a COVID-19 Health Accreditation from the Airports Council International. For more information on ACI’s Health Accreditation, visit https://aci.aero/programs-and-services/airport-operations/aci-airport-health-accreditation-program/.

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Photo Caption 2- Safety a top priority at LPIA.


Airport will Cease On-site Testing Operation on July 31, 2021 

July 1, 2021: The Nassau Airport Development Company Limited (NAD) wishes to advise the public that the airport will begin to scale back its COVID-19 testing operations at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) and it is envisioned that testing at the airport will cease on July 31, 2021.

Passengers are immediately advised to complete all COVID-19 testing prior to arrival at LPIA.  While facilities will be available for emergency COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing, passengers should arrive at the airport for travel to the United States with a negative COVID-19 test result.

The test should be dated not more than 72 hours (3 days) prior to the flight departure date, and it is required by the US government whether you are vaccinated or not.  Travel from Nassau to other islands of The Bahamas requires a negative COVID-19 RT PCR test that is not available at the airport.

COVID-19 testing is readily available at one of the many testing facilities in Nassau.  Family Medicine Center and Doctors Hospital provide testing services five minutes from the airport on Blake Road.   While these are the closest facilities to the airport, other major testing facilities in New Providence are listed below.  Passengers are encouraged to not leave testing for the last minute or day of travel if this can be avoided.

  • Adlka Laboratories & Consultants
  • Bahamas Medical Laboratory Services
  • Bay Street Medical
  • Bonaventure Medical Laboratory
  • Capriata Health and Wellness
  • Caribbean Health Medical Lab
  • Chest Centre Lab Bahamas
  • Eastwood Family Practice
  • Family Medicine Center
  • Holistic Health Services Ltd.
  • Island MD – Medical Concierge
  • Javon Medical Centre
  • KELSO Medical Laboratory
  • Kinetic Integrative Wellness
  • Oaktree Medical Center
  • Premier Clinical Laboratory
  • Premier Clinical Laboratory
  • Reliable Nursing Services
  • Sandyport Medical Centre
  • The Lyford Cay Hospital
  • The MD Suite Walk-in Medical Clinic
  • The Medi-Center Medical Clinic
  • The Walk In Clinic

NASSAU, BAHAMAS June 14, 2021— In an effort to mitigate the impact of growing passenger traffic and COVID-19 protocols, key stakeholders at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) have finalized plans to ensure that passengers can be safely and efficiently processed through the airport during what promises to be a busy upcoming summer travel season.

Nassau has been selected as a homeport for two cruise lines beginning this month. Following the first 7-day cruise, approximately 900 passengers will be departing Nassau for the United States on Saturday, June 19th, 2021. The airport anticipates heavy arrivals and departures of cruise passengers every Saturday and Sunday thereafter, and for this number to grow to 3,500 passengers each weekend by July.

In addition, summer projections for land-based passenger arrivals and departures at LPIA indicate steady recovery from the pandemic, with a potential additional 4500 passengers between Saturday and Sunday.

“We are fortunate that our largest source market, the United States, has been very successful with their vaccine distribution and there is significant pent-up demand for travel given the challenges and restrictions of the past year living with COVID-19. People are ready to travel and month by month we are seeing improvements in our passenger numbers.” said Vernice Walkine, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nassau Airport Development Company Ltd.

“During this busy summer travel period we wish to assure the travelling public that their safety is our paramount concern. Our overall objective is to make certain that a high level of efficiency prevails in the terminals coupled with excellent customer service resulting in a positive experience for our passengers,” she continued.

The airport continuously works with its key stakeholders to maximize the efficiency of operations and mitigate any potential challenges within its facilities. As a result, in 2020 LPIA was one of the first airports in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve a COVID-19 Health Accreditation from the Airports Council International.

As the airport supports Nassau as a home cruise port and manages its recovering land passenger base, LPIA is offering the following tips to local passengers planning to travel this summer.

1. Given the volume of passengers that will be commencing cruises in Nassau, if possible, avoid travel on Saturday and Sunday and choose a slower day to begin and end your vacation or business trip. Also, consider travel during off peak times and look for flights either before 9:00am or after 2:00pm, which is a peak travel period at the airport.

2. When travelling to the US, particularly on peak days and times, ensure that you are at the airport 3 to 3.5 hours ahead of your scheduled flight departure time. Given the impact of COVID-19, passenger processing is slower and more complex.

3. Whether you are vaccinated or not, a negative COVID-19 test result (PCR or Rapid Antigen) and completed Attestation form (found on LPIA’s website at www.nassaulpia.com) is needed for all persons travelling to the United States. This will be required for check in with your airline and tests should be completed prior to arrival at the airport.

4. For travel within The Bahamas, a negative COVID-19 (PCR Test) is required if you are not fully vaccinated (two shots with the last shot given more than two weeks prior to travel) along with a Bahamas Health VISA for domestic check in.

5. Checked luggage should be taken to your airline counter. Very Important: Please remove old luggage tags prior to placing a new luggage tag for your destination. If you are travelling to the United States, once you present your checked bag(s) to your airline, an image of your bag(s) will appear on the airline counter video screen to confirm each bag is checked in for your flight.

6. Checked luggage should be taken to your airline counter. Very Important: Please remove old luggage tags prior to placing a new luggage tag for your destination. Your airline should tag your checked luggage to your boarding pass. For persons travelling to the United States, please ensure you see an image of your checked bag(s) on the tablet screen at the airline counter.

7. After check-in, passengers travelling to the US may be directed by an airport ambassador to wait briefly in the airport’s Summer Garden Lounge prior to proceeding to airport security screening and United States Customs for processing. This wait is to allow passengers to be processed in order of scheduled departure time. The lounge is a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space with amenities like food and beverage, WIFI, entertainment and limited shopping.

8. Passengers should have their passport and boarding pass available to enter the security screening process. Passengers will be required to remove jackets, belts, shoes and empty pockets, and remove laptops from carry-on luggage for the security screening process.

9. As LPIA is a US Pre-Clearance facility, each passenger will undergo inspection by a United States Customs & Border Protection Officer prior to leaving Nassau. Bahamians need a valid passport and police record or US VISA for travel. Family members living in the same household can be inspected together.

10. Once these formalities are done, you may proceed to your airline gate or enjoy the shopping and dining amenities available in the U.S. Departures Lounge. All gates are within a three-minute walk from anywhere in the US or Domestic/International Departure Lounge.

11. Upon your return or arrival to Nassau, remember you will need a Bahamas Health Visa and a negative COVID-19 PCR test for entry to the country if you are not fully vaccinated. If you are fully vaccinated, then you will need the Bahamas Health Visa and proof of your vaccination. These are to be presented to Bahamas Immigration along with your passport for admittance to The Bahamas.

12. This summer, returning residents will now have two additional options to complete their Bahamas Customs declaration forms and pay duties or claim exemptions. This is in addition to the current process of presenting a completed C17 Customs Declaration form to a Bahamas Customs officer for assessment.

  • Returning residents should consider downloading and using the new Bahamas Customs Exempt App to fill out their declaration electronically, upload their receipts and pay customs duties and/or claim exemption online prior to arrival in Nassau. Once luggage is collected, returning residents then only need to proceed to a
    customs officer for baggage inspection.
  • Bahamas Customs also has kiosks available at the airport that perform the same services as the App and allows for credit/debit card payments online or cash payments at the airport.

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