The  Lynden Pindling International Airport in conjunction with the Department of Labour will host a Job Fair at the National Training Agency on Wednesday, May 29, from 9:00am to 2:00pm and we invite job seekers to join us.

Requirements are on the flyer and persons are asked to scan the QR Code to register.


Bahamian multidisciplinary artist John Beadle was known for his ability to translate his art across various mediums.  In 2011, he joined a team of engineers as they installed his signature sculpture of a 3-piece rake n scrape band at Lynden Pindling International Airport. During the installation, the three, massive figures moved carefully along Windsor Field Road atop a flatbed truck and proved to be a stunning scene for onlookers wondering where these life-like figures were headed. Out of the cold concrete Beadle had carved a scene that evoked the rhythm and soul of a live performance. His piece, “Playing With The Spirits” is now an iconic part of our airport’s all Bahamian art program. Today, as we mourn the passing of this magnificent Bahamian artist, we remember John Beadle’s lasting contribution to our airport and to the world of art.   

NASSAU, BAHAMAS March 25, 2024—This coming weekend, Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) officials are expecting significant passenger traffic in terminal due to Easter holiday travel. Coming off of a strong spring break season, airport stakeholders are now preparing for an estimated 70,000-75,000 passengers between March 28 (Maundy Thursday) and April 1 (Easter Monday).  In 2023, a total of 71,304 passengers were processed with 2,914 aircraft movements over the five-day period.

Jonathan Hanna, Vice President of Operations at Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) said projections show heavy inbound and outbound traffic across all sectors at the airport over the holiday weekend.

“We’re anticipating strong performance across the US, international (non-US) and domestic travel sectors based on our forecasts for the Easter holiday peak,” Hanna said. “From an operational standpoint, we’ve held various meetings with key stakeholders to ensure that we are prepared to meet the increased passenger demand.”

LPIA stakeholders include Bahamas Immigration, Bahamas Customs, Airport Authority, US Customs & Border Protection (USCBP), Air Traffic Services (ATS), Airline Operators, the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Road Traffic Department. Among the critical talking points during the discussions were proper staffing during peak periods, queue management in terminal and passenger flow from drop off to takeoff.

NAD advises travellers to arrive at LPIA three (3) hours ahead of US-bound flights and two (2) hours prior to international and domestic flights.  For those seeking to book last minute flights, officials recommend traveling outside of the peak travel hours of 11:00am and 3:00pm where possible.

Drivers are reminded that vehicular traffic in front of the terminal is restricted to passenger loading and offloading only. No parking or waiting is permitted. Failure to comply may result in tickets being issued or vehicles being towed.  To further reduce curbside congestion, drivers picking up arriving passengers from the airport are encouraged to utilize LPIA’s cell phone parking lot where they can wait up to sixty (60) minutes free of charge.  Persons must remain in their vehicles at all times when using the cell phone waiting lot to avoid being towed.  

For an optimal travel experience, passengers should stay connected to their airlines for the latest updates. For real time airport information, visit www.nassaulpia.com, follow the airport on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @nassau_airport or download the AeroCloud app. 

Media Contact:
Jan Knowles, Vice President,
Marketing and Commercial Development
Nassau Airport Development Company
Email: jan.knowles@nas.bs
Phone: 242 702 1000


NASSAU, Bahamas – 20 Feb. 2024 – In an extraordinary display of the strength of our country’s tourism sector, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation is proud to announce record-breaking visitor arrivals for 2023, which exceeded the forecasted projections.

Surpassing all previous records, the nation welcomed a total of 9,654,838 visitors in 2023, marking a historic milestone in its journey as a leading global tourism destination.

This figure represents a 38% increase over 2022 and a 33% increase compared to the previous 2019 record.

The 2023 result reveals a remarkable 17% percent increase in foreign air arrivals, totaling 1,719,980 visitors, compared to 1,470,244 in 2022. This significant growth underscores the increasing appeal of The Bahamas as a premier air travel destination.

Sea arrivals also saw an unprecedented surge, with 7,934,858 visitors in 2023, up 43.5% percent from the 5,530,462 who visited by sea the previous year.

The distribution of visitors across the16-island destinations further illustrates the widespread appeal of The Bahamas.

New Providence attracted 4,441,540 visitors, up 36%, compared to 2022.

Grand Bahama welcomed 559,812 visitors, marking a 44% increase.

The Family Islands saw an impressive 40% rise, with 4,653,486 visitors arriving by sea and air.

The Honorable I. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments & Aviation, expressed his elation over these achievements.

“The Bahamas has not only surpassed its targets but has set new benchmarks in the tourism industry.” “These figures are a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in our tourism sector, the irresistible charm of our islands and the friendliness of our people,” said Cooper.

The remarkable increase in visitors across all categories – air, sea, and the various island destinations — demonstrates the comprehensive appeal of The Bahamas.

New Providence, Grand Bahama, and the Family Islands have all experienced significant growth, showcasing the diverse attractions and experiences available to tourists.

“This record-breaking year is a clear indication of The Bahamas’ position as a top-tier destination for travelers seeking unparalleled experiences. Our islands offer a unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality, making it a favorite of visitors from around the world,” Cooper added.

Mrs. Latia Duncombe, Director General of Tourism added “As The Bahamas continues to welcome visitors with open arms, we look forward to building on this momentum. With our commitment to excellence and innovation in the tourism sector, The Bahamas is poised for even greater success in the years to come.”



Media Contacts:

Anita Johnson-Patty
Director- Global Communications

Danielle Bodie
General Manager- Domestic Communications

The public is reminded that there is a high demand for travel during the Christmas/New Years holiday period and LPIA anticipates one of the busiest travel weekends on record. To ensure that we continue to operate as efficiently as possible, we ask that persons with upcoming travel arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure when travelling internationally and at least 2 hours prior to departure when traveling domestically.

Motorists accessing the airport to collect friends and family are invited to utilize either our paid parking lots or our free cell phone lot while waiting to collect your passenger(s). This helps to ensure that vehicular traffic continues to flow effectively in and around the airport and alleviates the traffic congestion many airports experience.

We thank you for your patience as the LPIA team works to deliver a great airport experience to everyone for the holidays!

Nassau Airport Development Company Limited (NAD), the operator of the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA), is interested in attracting experienced, enthusiastic, and imaginative operators for a Retail or Food and Beverage kiosk concession. Proponents must be capable of designing, financing, and operating a Retail or Food and Beverage kiosk concession in the US Departures Terminal of the airport. The unit should offer unique products and/or services at competitive prices that are suited for the passenger demographic of the US Departures Terminal.

Officials Expect 30K Plus Passengers In Strong Post-COVID Rebound           

NASSAU, BAHAMAS November 20, 2023—Key stakeholders at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) are gearing up for what is expected to be a busy holiday travel period at the country’s major gateway.  Starting this weekend with American Thanksgiving, passenger projections indicate between Thursday November 23rd and Sunday November 26th some 30,000- 33,000 travelers will move through LPIA. Traffic is expected to top 2022 figures when 30,022 passengers were recorded and meet or exceed record-breaking 2019 levels when passenger numbers reached 30,192 for the same period.

Beginning in early November, stakeholders from Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD), Bahamas Immigration, Bahamas Customs, Airport Authority, US Customs & Border Protection (USCBP), Air Traffic Services (ATS), Airline Operators, Airport Police and the Road Traffic Department held stakeholder meetings to review contingency plans put in place to meet the demand.

“Heading into this peak travel period, we’re pleased to see our numbers close to and in some cases surpassing pre-pandemic levels across all sectors,” said Vernice Walkine, President & CEO of NAD. “Over the next two months, our focus as an airport community will be to ensure that our facilities are functioning at the level required to manage the uptick in traffic. All of our critical stakeholders have worked together to handle similar peaks in the past and we anticipate doing the same throughout this period.”

To better manage passenger flow, LPIA stakeholders are paying special attention to wait times and staffing levels in pre-security clearance areas, US Customs, Bahamas Immigration and Bahamas Customs during peak periods of 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. Air Traffic Services has also advised that they are ready to effectively manage commercial and general aviation arrivals and departures on the airside.

More than 80% of LPIA’s passenger traffic originates from the US market and most of this weekend’s total passenger count will be attributed to US Departures.  Chargé d’Affaires Usha Pitts from the US Embassy in Nassau said the United States Customs and Border Protection team based at LPIA is working closely with airport stakeholders to ensure a successful peak holiday travel season.

The Chargé urges “Americans to download and use the CBP’s Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app to reduce their time at passport inspection.  TSA pre-check is also available for Americans to consider when looking for ways to expedite their airport processing.”

Airport officials are also encouraging US-bound passengers to arrive at LPIA no less than three (3) hours ahead of their scheduled flights and international and domestic travelers to arrive two (2) hours prior to their departure times.

Where possible, LPIA passengers should utilize technology to improve their overall user experience while in terminal. In addition to the MPC app available to American and Canadian passengers being processed in US Preclearance, all LPIA passengers can download the AeroCloud app to track flights in real time or contact their airlines directly for flight updates. For operational updates from LPIA, visit www.nassaulpia.com or follow @nassau_airport.

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Photo Caption: Stakeholders Prep For Busy Thanksgiving Weekend At LPIA


Media Contacts:         

Jan Knowles

Vice President of Marketing & Commercial Development

Nassau Airport Development Company


Nassau, Bahamas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS September 13, 2023— On Thursday September 7, Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) partnered with Charlotte Knowles Thompson Agency Ltd. to host a special one-day college fair for airport employees and persons in the wider aviation industry.  The event, held at New Providence Community Center, is part of NAD’s mission to provide opportunities for growth and useful resources for the more than 4000 employees who work at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA).

For four hours, airport workers interested in pursuing higher education met with representatives from 32 local and international institutions to discuss future career development paths. Parents who work at the airport and within the aviation community also had the chance to explore options for their own children at the college fair.  Representatives from the Ministry of Education’s Scholarship Division were present to offer tips on funding education at the tertiary level.

Vernice Walkine, President & CEO of NAD along with her executive team took Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation the Hon. Chester Cooper on a tour of the college fair.  “Aviation plays a critical role in the growth and development of our overall tourism product, and I am encouraged by the interest in today’s career fair from those who work in the industry,” DPM Cooper said.

He continued: “As a government, we are investing some $260 million in infrastructure upgrades at Family Island airports. As we continue to build out our National Aviation Strategic Plan, it is important that our workforce is receiving the skills and training needed to support the sector now and into the future.”

Vernice Walkine, President & CEO of NAD, thanked the organizers and commended airport staff who took advantage of the opportunity. “Events like this one help us to further engage and inform workers in the aviation industry and related fields. We thought it fitting to host the career fair just as we wrap up an extremely busy summer period where employees have more time to participate. We chose a location that was close to the airport so staff could conveniently come over on their lunch breaks or on the way in to work to meet with the college representatives.”

To increase participation, NAD provided shuttles every 30 minutes between LPIA and New Providence Community Center for airport staff.  Event organizer, Charlotte Knowles Thompson industry professionals and students based in the Family Islands will also have the opportunity to attend a virtual version of the career fair between September 25-29, 2023.


The Department of Bahamas Customs has launched a new digital declaration process known as the Exempt app which is mandatory for returning residents. Visitors with items to declare are also required to declare via the use of the Exempt app. The app allows you to:
-Submit your declarations before arrival
– Pay online
– Search duty rates
– Experience shorter waiting times in the Customs Hall
– Go paperless
The App can be found and downloaded from your Google play, or Apple app stores on your smartphones or tablets. For more information, please visit https://exempt.gov.bs/.