Recognizing that the transportation personnel at LPIA are a key aspect of our tourism ecosystem, NAD partnered with Nassau Agencies Ltd. (NAL) for a Health & Safety Give Back event in their honor. Held on May 8th, 2023, at LPIA, these personnel were greeted with a few open remarks from our CEO Vernice Walkine and reminded that this event is all about them. We celebrate and appreciate them as they are often the first to escort travelling passengers into their memorable Bahamian experiences. The event was well received with representatives from throughout the taxi, tour and livery sector present, who were excited and appreciative of the tribute. There were over 250 bottles of Beep hand and surface sanitizers given, that are now in the hands of those who represent our tourism sector daily at the domestic and international terminals.
Recipients included: Bahamas Experience Tours, Baha Mar, Leisure Travel Tours Ltd. and Cheryl’s Bahamas Taxi & Tours. This is the second collaboration involving NAD and NAL, as this event is an extension of NAD’s Health & Safety expo which was held on April 26th and served nearly 200 persons from within the airport community. It also aligns with the expo’s theme of adapting to the new norm.
Special thank you to Kristen and Michelle (NAD team members), Kermetra Rolle and Tonisha Rolle, Brand Managers – Nassau Agencies Ltd. (black and Beep shirts)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS May 22, 2023Traveling through a busy airport terminal can be particularly challenging for children on the autism spectrum. Often, sensory issues are heightened when checking in for a flight, moving through security processes in an unfamiliar environment or waiting to board an aircraft.

Last month, students from the Garvin Tynes Autism Unit along with teachers and parents toured Lynden Pindling International Airport to become more familiar with what to expect when travelling. The exercise, organized by Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) in partnership with Bahamasair and Airport Authority, focused on familiarizing students and parents with airport processes.   Staff members from both Bahamasair and the Airport Authority were instrumental to the event, simulating the check-in and passenger screening process respectively as the students made their way through the airport.  The tour was also an opportunity to further sensitize airport workers to the needs of all passengers.

Jonathan Hanna, NAD’s Vice President of Operations, said the tour is in line with the airport’s goal of making travel a more inclusive experience. “The airport can be quite overwhelming for persons on the spectrum with all of the lights, sounds and crowds. During Autism Awareness Month, we wanted to take our impact a step further by hosting the students from Garvin Tynes Autism Unit at the airport,” Hanna explained.

“Through this experience, we hope to make families feel more comfortable when traveling, for them to know what to expect and for them to see how their children react and respond in a specific environment.  In addition to the tour, we also created a story book outlining the travel experience. The book, which can be downloaded from our website www.nassaulpia.com, can be used as a visual tool for families to help prepare them for any upcoming travels.”

Bright lights, announcements over the intercom or something as simple as removing articles of clothing or shoes during the security screening process can trigger a response and, in some instances, can be physically painful for some children on the spectrum.

Parent and REACH board member Guerda Culmer is all too familiar with the challenges of introducing a child with autism to new environments. She accompanied her son, 6-year-old Isiah Culmer on the tour. Isiah was officially diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) at age 3. She thanked the airport for giving the students at Garvin Tynes Autism Unit an opportunity to engage and interact with the wider community.

“It’s extremely important because in our culture when we think about disability, we think about somebody who is in a wheelchair, somebody for the most part who is handicapped. But when you look at most of our kids, on the exterior you wouldn’t be able to say that the child has some challenges. When they see the child having some sort of meltdown, they automatically think you’re not a good parent or think, why can’t you control this child.”

Parents who participated in the tour took away key tips to better prepare for travel.

“I think it more or less opens the eyes of the parents in reference to what to bring with them at the airport meaning things that are going to distract [the children] or take their attention,” Culmer said.

“I appreciated that we had a lot of persons at the airport and I witnessed that he wasn’t afraid of the crowd per se. As a parent, it’s about being prepared and making sure you know exactly where things are in the airport.”

 In addition to the tour, the airport community raised nearly $3000 in April for REACH through T-Shirt sales and walkathon registrations. NAD also donated 100 Sunflower Lanyards to REACH and 20 lanyards to children from the Autism Unit at Garvin Tynes. Last November, NAD launched the internationally recognized initiative to help airport workers better identify passengers with hidden disabilities such as autism and provide them with additional support as needed. For more information on the Sunflower Lanyard Program email: sunflower@nas.bs

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Photo Caption 2:  Guerda Culmer and her son, 6-year-old Isiah Culmer tour LPIA with the Garvin Tynes Autism Unit


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 Jan Knowles, Vice President, Marketing and Commercial Development  

Nassau Airport Development Company  

Email: jan.knowles@nas.bs 

Phone: 242 702 1000               



Nassau Airport Development Company Ltd. (NAD) is seeking Proposers (experienced consortium or joint venture) to design and build a solar energy plant at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA).

This renewable energy initiative comprises of, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

  1. Solar energy technology solution options
  2. Project site location for delivery to (or within) the LPIA power grid
  3. Expected COD (Charge on Demand) for generation facilities responsive to this RFP
  4. Market pricing for energy capacity and all generation related services
  5. Level of experience of market participants in developing renewable energy
  6. Proposer’s affirmation of interest in providing a design build renewable energy solution to LPIA
  7. Deadline for submission of proposals: 2:00PM EST, June 30, 2023.


Proposers are to submit comprehensive responses for the development of a 1MW commercial scale grid tied solar power plant at LPIA.  Interested proposers are invited to provide a cost competitive bid, under the guidelines of the Bahamas Electricity Act. Proposers shall have a minimum of 5 years relevant experience in the solar photovoltaic industry with at least 1MW of solar energy production.


  1. To achieve a high standard of excellence and customer service
  2. To achieve energy security and reliability at LPIA, the main international gateway to The Bahamas

Except as otherwise specified in this Request for Proposal, NAD will not enter into any communications with Bidders in connection with this procurement except to provide clarification regarding the RFP and the procurement process. NAD will respond in writing to any request for clarification where such written request for clarification is received not later than fourteen (14) days before the deadline for submission of Proposals.  Any Bidder requiring clarification on the RFP or procurement process may notify NAD in writing at the address indicated below:

Mr. Sean Moultrie, Capital Projects Manager

Nassau Airport Development Company Ltd.

Lynden Pindling International Airport

Nassau, Bahamas

Email: sean.moultrie@nas.bs

Nassau Airport Development Company hosted the first Health & Safety Expo since the global pandemic under the theme ‘New Life, New You: Adapting to the New Norm’ on Wednesday April 26, 2023.
The global COVID 19 Pandemic has reinforced the need to address psychological issues, increased health and sanitizing measures, increased focus on physical health, food quality and security so the event was organized to give the airport community an opportunity to come out and meet representatives from the participating agencies.
•  The Ministry of Health Surveillance, Disaster Management and Expanded Program for Immunization Units
•  The Pan American Health Organization
•  The Bahamas Agricultural, Marine and Scientific Institute
•  The National Emergency Medical Services
•  The Airport Authority Airport Rescue and Firefighting Division
•  Kanoo
•  British American Financial
•  Nassau Agencies Limited
•  Commonwealth Brewery
Photo caption left to right: Mechelle McDonald, Environmental Coordinator, Vernice Walkine, President and CEO and Kristen Rolle, Safety & Emergency Planning Coordinator

NASSAU, BAHAMAS April 3, 2023Key stakeholders at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) are gearing up for what is expected to be a busy Easter holiday travel period. Early projections indicate that between April 6 (Maundy Thursday) and April 10 (Easter Monday) an estimated 70,000-80,000 passengers will be processed at the country’s major gateway.

Airport officials are predicting strong numbers across all sectors- US, international (non-US) and domestic travel when compared to the same period in 2022 and when benchmarked against 2019. Last Easter, LPIA recovered 80% of pre-pandemic passenger traffic when 62,112 passengers moved through its terminals. In 2019, a banner year for travel, some 75,000 travelled were processed over the Easter holiday weekend.

“Coming off of a strong first quarter of travel including a significant boost during spring break, we expect to see numbers 15-30% over the same period in 2022,” Vernice Walkine, President & CEO at Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) explained.  “Based on our projections heading into the Easter holiday weekend, we anticipate passenger counts at LPIA that will match or quite possibility exceed pre-pandemic levels.”

To properly manage the uptick in traffic, NAD met with key airport stakeholders including Bahamas Immigration, Bahamas Customs, Airport Authority, US Customs & Border Protection (USCBP), Air Traffic Services (ATS), Airline Operators, the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Road Traffic Department. Discussions centered on staffing needs during peak periods, queue management and passenger flow from the curbside to the airside.

From an operations standpoint, Jonathan Hanna, Vice President of Operations at NAD said the focus for the upcoming weekend is to ensure that LPIA is functioning at optimal capacity.

“Since the start of spring break, our airport partners have been doing a great job managing high demand and continue to make the necessary adjustments to operate efficiently. As airport managers, our goal is to facilitate their processes by ensuring that our systems are functioning at optimal levels,” Hanna said.

Last fall, NAD’s Operations team introduced AeroCloud’s AI technology to manage gate assignments and predict traffic patterns particularly during peak periods.

He continued: “We are utilizing AeroCloud software to better estimate flight cancellations, delays or diversions and to keep an eye on weather in our source markets.  With this critical information, we can communicate in real time to our airport partners and concessionaires so that they can deploy the proper resources to minimize impact on business.”

While AeroCloud helps operators manage traffic in terminal and on the airside, focus is also being given to reducing congestion on the curbside. In November 2022, NAD opened a cell phone waiting lot where drivers can park for up to sixty (60) minutes free of charge while waiting on arriving passengers.  Users must remain in their vehicles as all times while in the lot.

Looking ahead to Easter, officials are urging members of the public to take measures to improve their own travel experience. Passengers are encouraged to arrive at LPIA three (3) hours prior to US-bound flights and two (2) hours ahead of international and domestic flights.  It is also recommended, where possible, to book flights outside of the peak travel hours of 11:00am and 3:00pm in order to avoid long lines and crowds.

Travellers should also stay in contact with their individual airlines and download the AeroCloud mobile app available on Google Play or Apple App Store for real time flight updates. LPIA passengers can also receive direct updates from the airport at www.nassaulpia.com or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @nassau_airport.

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Media Contacts:   

Jan Knowles, Vice President, Marketing and Commercial Development

Nassau Airport Development Company

Email: jan.knowles@nas.bs

Phone: 242 702 1000             

Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD), the operator of the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) is seeking prescribed proposals from prospective bidders (“Proponents”) interested in designing, financing, constructing, maintaining, operating, and managing two (2) Common Use Lounge Concessions at LPIA.

The Nassau Airport Development Company wishes to advise the public that they are likely to experience high vehicular traffic volumes at the airport, particularly during the peak operating hours (10:00AM – 4:00PM) through Christmas Eve.  As such, we ask the public to be aware and observe the following guidelines:

  1. For security reasons, vehicles are not allowed to park or dwell in front of the airport terminals. Stopping in front of the terminals is for active loading/unloading only.
  2. If you are waiting to collect someone, kindly use the free cellphone waiting lot. For rules regarding use of the lot, please visit www.nassaulpia.com/lpia-cell-phone-waiting-lot. Convenient paid parking is also available in LPIA’s parking facilities.
  3. It is important to note that persons parked in front of the terminals to collect arriving passengers block other vehicles from accessing the curb and quickly loading their passengers.
  4. Avoid loading/unloading in the outside driving lane as this blocks moving traffic.
  5. The Royal Bahamas Police Force will be enforcing rules and regulations and violators run the risk of being towed/ticketed at their expense.



Sunflower Lanyard Program To Be Launched At LPIA  

NAD Backs Global Initiative To Assist Passengers With Hidden Disabilities  

NASSAU, BAHAMAS November 28, 2022 Passengers needing extra assistance due to hidden disabilities will now have greater support when traveling through Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA). On Thursday December 1st, 2022, Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) will launch an internationally recognized initiative, the Sunflower Lanyard Program in conjunction with The National Commission for Persons with Disabilities and key airport stakeholders.

Globally, 1 in 7 persons have some form of a disability. Many of these disabilities are non-visible or hidden and can be physical, mental or neurological in nature. Wearing a Sunflower lanyard at LPIA will provide airport workers with a visual cue that a passenger may need extra assistance, additional time or more support while in terminal. While the lanyard does not allow persons the option to skip lines, it immediately indicates to airport staff that additional assistance might be required.

Non-visible disabilities may include cognitive impairment such as traumatic brain injury, dementia or schizophrenia. It can also include learning disabilities like autism or Asperger syndrome. Persons may also have epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, issues with speech or stammering, visual impairments or restricted vision, hearing loss and anxiety among others.

The Sunflower Lanyard initiative was first launched in 2016 at Gatwick Airport as a way for airport workers to easily identify persons with hidden disabilities and provide assistance where needed. NAD is the first organization in The Bahamas to incorporate the program and LPIA will join more than 180 airports in 26 countries currently participating in the initiative.

“Over the years, we have built LPIA with all users in mind including accessibility features in the physical airport space for persons with visible disabilities. This new initiative allows us to take it a step further by introducing a program to support passengers with hidden disabilities,” said Vernice Walkine, President & CEO at NAD.  “It is our hope that by implementing the Sunflower lanyard program, persons with hidden disabilities will have an optimal experience while travelling through LPIA.”

To ensure a successful roll out, NAD is working closely with the global team at Hidden Disabilities on training for airport workers. Frontline workers who interact with passengers on a daily basis are currently undergoing training. Staff at check-in counters, pre-board screening, US Customs & Border Patrol (USCBP), Bahamas Customs and Immigration and others are in the first wave of training. Sessions focus on raising awareness of the Sunflower lanyard program, sensitizing workers to hidden disabilities and providing strategies to best assist passengers in various scenarios.

As NAD continues its mission of enhancing the customer experience for all airport users, the company will shift its corporate giving program to fully support the Sunflower Lanyard initiative. Effective December 3rd, 2022, International Day of Disabled Persons, all proceeds from the “Give Change” donation boxes located in terminal will be used to underwrite the cost of the Sunflower lanyard program.

Lanyards will be distributed free of charge and can be used at participating airports and organizations around the world. Persons can email sunflower@nas.bs and provide name, date of travel and flight details to secure a Sunflower lanyard. NAD will arrange collection through the relevant airlines. Requests can also be made by contacting The National Commission for Persons with Disabilities on J.F. K. Drive and Bethel Avenue or calling 1-242-397-8600.

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Photo Caption 2:  Training is underway as airport staff learn to provide support for persons with hidden disabilities through the new Sunflower Lanyard program at LPIA.


Media Contacts:   

Jan Knowles, Vice President, Marketing and Commercial Development  

Nassau Airport Development Company  

Email: jan.knowles@nas.bs 

Phone: 242 702 1000               

LPIA Stakeholders Prep For Busy Thanksgiving Weekend

New Cell Phone Waiting Lot and Flight Tracking App Among Tools To Assist Airport Users

NASSAU, BAHAMAS November 21, 2022 Ahead of what is expected to be a busy holiday travel period, key stakeholders at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) have finalized plans to handle the uptick in traffic at the country’s major gateway. A new cell phone waiting lot, slated to be available to the public on Monday, November 21, and a passenger friendly flight tracking app are among the tools being implemented to manage flow from the curbside to the airside.

Officials at NAD anticipate between 25,000 – 35,000 passengers being processed through LPIA from Thursday November 24th, 2022 to Sunday November 27th, 2022. Over the same period in November 2021, just under 23,000 passengers traveled during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Last year’s numbers were 24% below the same period in 2019 where pre-pandemic figures for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend reached a record high of 30,192.

“As part of our overall preparations for this peak period, we met with key stakeholders including Bahamas Immigration, Bahamas Customs, Airport Authority, US Customs & Border Protection (USCBP), Air Traffic Services (ATS), Airline Operators, the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Road Traffic Department. This year, in addition to queue management, proper staffing in high traffic areas and monitoring overall movement in terminal, we are implementing new tools to improve the user experience at LPIA,” Jonathan Hanna, Vice President of Operations, Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) explained.

“Starting this week, we will be introducing a new cell phone waiting lot. This lot allows persons picking up passengers from the airport to park free of charge for up to sixty (60) minutes. Having persons park in a designated area while waiting for a call to pick up an arriving passenger will help to reduce congestion on the curbside and allow for a better experience all around.”

The new cell phone waiting lot will be monitored by NAD’s Parking & Ground Transportation team. Vehicles must be occupied at all times. Any vehicles left unattended in the lot or parked indiscriminately in non-designated parking areas (including illegal parking in handicap parking spots) will be towed at the owner’s expense. Directions to the lot can be found on www.nassaulpia.com.

Beyond the curbside, managing gate assignments and predicting traffic patterns on the airside will also play a major role in a successful holiday travel season. This past summer, NAD’s Operations team partnered with aviation tech company AeroCloud Systems to implement a new Intelligent Airport Management System (IAMS) and new Airport Operating Database (AODB). The software uses Artificial Intelligence to process data and predict trends related to flight cancellations, delays or diversions.

“With the new AeroCloud system, we are able to look ahead at our operations and identify the days and times we are likely to face challenges. We are then able to create appropriate strategies in collaboration with our various airport and other partners to mitigate impact to overall operations,” Hanna said.

He continued: “From an airport user perspective, the software also has a mobile app where passengers can get the latest flight information not only for LPIA but for a number of airports in the United States where they may be traveling to or arriving from.”

With a renewed focus on the user experience, NAD will also be introducing an initiative that will allow greater accessibility for persons who might have difficulties while traveling. Details on the new program will be announced next week.

Airport officials are expressing cautious optimism for the holiday travel period which extends from Thanksgiving weekend to January 2nd, 2023. Passengers traveling during this peak period are encouraged to arrive at LPIA three (3) hours ahead of US-bound flights and two (2) hours prior to international and domestic flights.  Passengers should expect potential delays when travelling during busy periods of the day (between 11:00am and 3:00pm) due to increased volumes of air traffic from commercial and general aviation given the busy holiday travel period.  For the latest travel information and flight updates, travellers should communicate directly with their airlines or utilize the AeroCloud mobile app available on Google Play or Apple App Store. For operational updates from LPIA, visit www.nassaulpia.com or follow @nassau_airport on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Photo Caption – Airport stakeholders gear up for busy Thanksgiving weekend at LPIA.

Media Contacts: 

Jan Knowles, Vice President, Marketing and Commercial Development

Nassau Airport Development Company

Email: jan.knowles@nas.bs

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