Happy 51st Independence Bahamas✈
9 July 2024


The Bahamas, an archipelago that is made up of hundreds of islands and cays, was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Columbus’ expedition was backed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. Consequently, the islands were initially subject to the rule of the Spanish Government.

Thereafter, the Bahamian islands were ruled by America for a brief period and were finally possessed by Great Britain.  After decades of debate and legal transactions, the Islands of The Bahamas were granted self-government by Great Britain in 1964.  This was followed in 1969 with the Colony of the Bahamas becoming the Commonwealth of the Bahamas thus opening the door for full independence.

On July 10th 1973, after 300 years of being a colony, The Bahamas made the peaceful transition to nationhood by becoming an Independent Nation.   Since the attainment of Independence in 1973, July 10th has been observed as a National Holiday across the archipelago and in Bahamian Foreign Missions.

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