Earth Day tips for travelling green
21 April 2017

With nearly 1 billion tourists travelling the globe annually, it’s increasingly important for travellers to minimize their individual impact on the earth’s natural and cultural treasures.


Taking a green approach to travel is an easy way to protect the places you love to visit – not just for yourself but for the travellers who come after you and the people who will continue to live there long after you’ve flown home.

For Earth Day, 2017, here are LPIA’s Tips for Travelling Green:

  • When renting a car, choose the smallest vehicle that can comfortably accommodate you. Decline any “free” upgrades (which will cost you more in gas).

  • Try to buy local products whenever possible instead of those that have been flown or shipped in from overseas. You’ll support the local economy and get a taste of native cuisine.

  • Enjoy walking tours and biking!

  • When you leave your hotel room, turn off the AC/heat, lights, TV and radio.  Close the drapes.

  • Reduce fast food waste whenever possible.

  • Recycle your waste.

  • Stay at a Green Hotel (check out www.greenhotels.com).

  • Select a hotel close to public transportation or near the places you are going to visit during your stay.

  • When flying, book electronic tickets. It reduces paper waste and you are less likely to lose your ticket.

  • Pack light — especially if you’re flying. The heavier the plane, the more fuel it burns. Stick to a carry-on only and you’ll not only help lighten your plane’s load but also save money on airline baggage fees.

  • Immerse yourself in and accept the differences of other cultures.


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