Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) is made up of a team of more than 200 employees who are passionate about their airport. Since 2007, LPIA has come a long way and our people are the key to our success.

To mark our 10-year milestone, we celebrated the more than 60 employees who have been with us since Day 1. These employees have seen LPIA at its very worst and have put it in a position to be the very best.

During an event on the afternoon of March 31, employees spoke about their most memorable moments. One remarked that it’s the improvements to LPIA’s bathrooms that stand out most while another commented on the leading technology now in place for baggage systems and flight information displays.

We are so proud of our long-serving employees, but also celebrated with newer team members. Together, the NAD team will continue to operate our world-class facility, creating a safe, efficient and comfortable experience for the 3+ million passengers who travel through our airport every year.

For this, we say a huge thank you!

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