This summer at LPIA will be busy and exciting!  These travel tips will make travel though our airport safe and efficient. 

1. Arrive at the airport 3 to 3.5 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time.  Masks must be worn at all times in the airport terminals.

2.  Passengers are advised to complete Covid-19 testing PRIOR to arrival at LPIA for travel.  The airport will cease its on-site testing operation on July 31, 2021

2a. All passengers departing for the United States (vaccinated or not) from LPIA are required by the US Government to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result and provide a completed Attestation Form to their airline at check in. 

3. Checked luggage should be taken to your airline counter. Very Important: Please remove old luggage tags prior to placing a new luggage tag for your destination. If you are travelling to the United States, once you present your checked bag(s) to your airline, an image of your bag(s) will appear on the airline counter video screen to confirm they are checked in for your flight.

4. After check-in, passengers may be directed by an airport ambassador to wait briefly in the airport’s Summer Garden Lounge prior to proceeding to airport security screening and United States Customs for processing. This wait is to allow passengers to be processed in order of scheduled departure time. The lounge is a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space with amenities like food and beverage, WIFI, entertainment and limited shopping. 

5. Passengers should have their passport and boarding pass available to enter the security screening process. Passengers will be required to remove jackets, belts, shoes and empty pockets, and remove laptops from carry-on luggage for the security screening process. 

6. As LPIA is a US Pre-Clearance facility, each passenger will undergo inspection by a United States Customs & Border Protection Officer prior to leaving Nassau. Family members living in the same household can be inspected together. Passengers departing Nassau will not have to clear US customs upon arrival in the United States. 

7. Once these formalities are completed you may proceed to your airline gate or enjoy the shopping and dining amenities available in the U.S. Departures Lounge. All gates are within a three-minute walk from anywhere in the Departure Lounge.


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