Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD), the operator of the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) is seeking prescribed proposals from prospective bidders (“Proponents”) interested in designing, financing, constructing, maintaining, operating, and managing two (2) Common Use Lounge Concessions at LPIA.

The Nassau Airport Development Company wishes to advise the public that they are likely to experience high vehicular traffic volumes at the airport, particularly during the peak operating hours (10:00AM – 4:00PM) through Christmas Eve.  As such, we ask the public to be aware and observe the following guidelines:

  1. For security reasons, vehicles are not allowed to park or dwell in front of the airport terminals. Stopping in front of the terminals is for active loading/unloading only.
  2. If you are waiting to collect someone, kindly use the free cellphone waiting lot. For rules regarding use of the lot, please visit www.nassaulpia.com/lpia-cell-phone-waiting-lot. Convenient paid parking is also available in LPIA’s parking facilities.
  3. It is important to note that persons parked in front of the terminals to collect arriving passengers block other vehicles from accessing the curb and quickly loading their passengers.
  4. Avoid loading/unloading in the outside driving lane as this blocks moving traffic.
  5. The Royal Bahamas Police Force will be enforcing rules and regulations and violators run the risk of being towed/ticketed at their expense.



Sunflower Lanyard Program To Be Launched At LPIA  

NAD Backs Global Initiative To Assist Passengers With Hidden Disabilities  

NASSAU, BAHAMAS November 28, 2022 Passengers needing extra assistance due to hidden disabilities will now have greater support when traveling through Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA). On Thursday December 1st, 2022, Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) will launch an internationally recognized initiative, the Sunflower Lanyard Program in conjunction with The National Commission for Persons with Disabilities and key airport stakeholders.

Globally, 1 in 7 persons have some form of a disability. Many of these disabilities are non-visible or hidden and can be physical, mental or neurological in nature. Wearing a Sunflower lanyard at LPIA will provide airport workers with a visual cue that a passenger may need extra assistance, additional time or more support while in terminal. While the lanyard does not allow persons the option to skip lines, it immediately indicates to airport staff that additional assistance might be required.

Non-visible disabilities may include cognitive impairment such as traumatic brain injury, dementia or schizophrenia. It can also include learning disabilities like autism or Asperger syndrome. Persons may also have epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, issues with speech or stammering, visual impairments or restricted vision, hearing loss and anxiety among others.

The Sunflower Lanyard initiative was first launched in 2016 at Gatwick Airport as a way for airport workers to easily identify persons with hidden disabilities and provide assistance where needed. NAD is the first organization in The Bahamas to incorporate the program and LPIA will join more than 180 airports in 26 countries currently participating in the initiative.

“Over the years, we have built LPIA with all users in mind including accessibility features in the physical airport space for persons with visible disabilities. This new initiative allows us to take it a step further by introducing a program to support passengers with hidden disabilities,” said Vernice Walkine, President & CEO at NAD.  “It is our hope that by implementing the Sunflower lanyard program, persons with hidden disabilities will have an optimal experience while travelling through LPIA.”

To ensure a successful roll out, NAD is working closely with the global team at Hidden Disabilities on training for airport workers. Frontline workers who interact with passengers on a daily basis are currently undergoing training. Staff at check-in counters, pre-board screening, US Customs & Border Patrol (USCBP), Bahamas Customs and Immigration and others are in the first wave of training. Sessions focus on raising awareness of the Sunflower lanyard program, sensitizing workers to hidden disabilities and providing strategies to best assist passengers in various scenarios.

As NAD continues its mission of enhancing the customer experience for all airport users, the company will shift its corporate giving program to fully support the Sunflower Lanyard initiative. Effective December 3rd, 2022, International Day of Disabled Persons, all proceeds from the “Give Change” donation boxes located in terminal will be used to underwrite the cost of the Sunflower lanyard program.

Lanyards will be distributed free of charge and can be used at participating airports and organizations around the world. Persons can email sunflower@nas.bs and provide name, date of travel and flight details to secure a Sunflower lanyard. NAD will arrange collection through the relevant airlines. Requests can also be made by contacting The National Commission for Persons with Disabilities on J.F. K. Drive and Bethel Avenue or calling 1-242-397-8600.

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Photo Caption 2:  Training is underway as airport staff learn to provide support for persons with hidden disabilities through the new Sunflower Lanyard program at LPIA.


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LPIA Stakeholders Prep For Busy Thanksgiving Weekend

New Cell Phone Waiting Lot and Flight Tracking App Among Tools To Assist Airport Users

NASSAU, BAHAMAS November 21, 2022 Ahead of what is expected to be a busy holiday travel period, key stakeholders at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) have finalized plans to handle the uptick in traffic at the country’s major gateway. A new cell phone waiting lot, slated to be available to the public on Monday, November 21, and a passenger friendly flight tracking app are among the tools being implemented to manage flow from the curbside to the airside.

Officials at NAD anticipate between 25,000 – 35,000 passengers being processed through LPIA from Thursday November 24th, 2022 to Sunday November 27th, 2022. Over the same period in November 2021, just under 23,000 passengers traveled during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Last year’s numbers were 24% below the same period in 2019 where pre-pandemic figures for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend reached a record high of 30,192.

“As part of our overall preparations for this peak period, we met with key stakeholders including Bahamas Immigration, Bahamas Customs, Airport Authority, US Customs & Border Protection (USCBP), Air Traffic Services (ATS), Airline Operators, the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Road Traffic Department. This year, in addition to queue management, proper staffing in high traffic areas and monitoring overall movement in terminal, we are implementing new tools to improve the user experience at LPIA,” Jonathan Hanna, Vice President of Operations, Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) explained.

“Starting this week, we will be introducing a new cell phone waiting lot. This lot allows persons picking up passengers from the airport to park free of charge for up to sixty (60) minutes. Having persons park in a designated area while waiting for a call to pick up an arriving passenger will help to reduce congestion on the curbside and allow for a better experience all around.”

The new cell phone waiting lot will be monitored by NAD’s Parking & Ground Transportation team. Vehicles must be occupied at all times. Any vehicles left unattended in the lot or parked indiscriminately in non-designated parking areas (including illegal parking in handicap parking spots) will be towed at the owner’s expense. Directions to the lot can be found on www.nassaulpia.com.

Beyond the curbside, managing gate assignments and predicting traffic patterns on the airside will also play a major role in a successful holiday travel season. This past summer, NAD’s Operations team partnered with aviation tech company AeroCloud Systems to implement a new Intelligent Airport Management System (IAMS) and new Airport Operating Database (AODB). The software uses Artificial Intelligence to process data and predict trends related to flight cancellations, delays or diversions.

“With the new AeroCloud system, we are able to look ahead at our operations and identify the days and times we are likely to face challenges. We are then able to create appropriate strategies in collaboration with our various airport and other partners to mitigate impact to overall operations,” Hanna said.

He continued: “From an airport user perspective, the software also has a mobile app where passengers can get the latest flight information not only for LPIA but for a number of airports in the United States where they may be traveling to or arriving from.”

With a renewed focus on the user experience, NAD will also be introducing an initiative that will allow greater accessibility for persons who might have difficulties while traveling. Details on the new program will be announced next week.

Airport officials are expressing cautious optimism for the holiday travel period which extends from Thanksgiving weekend to January 2nd, 2023. Passengers traveling during this peak period are encouraged to arrive at LPIA three (3) hours ahead of US-bound flights and two (2) hours prior to international and domestic flights.  Passengers should expect potential delays when travelling during busy periods of the day (between 11:00am and 3:00pm) due to increased volumes of air traffic from commercial and general aviation given the busy holiday travel period.  For the latest travel information and flight updates, travellers should communicate directly with their airlines or utilize the AeroCloud mobile app available on Google Play or Apple App Store. For operational updates from LPIA, visit www.nassaulpia.com or follow @nassau_airport on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Photo Caption – Airport stakeholders gear up for busy Thanksgiving weekend at LPIA.

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NAD is a proud supporter of Sister Sister Breast Cancer Group and proud sponsors of Marathon Bahamas and the Susan Komen Walk for the Cure – to this end, during the month of October, team members from the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) show continued support by wearing pink every Friday during October.

Vending Machine Concession


Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD), the operator of the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) is interested in attracting experienced, enthusiastic and imaginative operators for a Vending Machine Concession Program. Proposers must be capable of financing, installing, operating and maintaining the vending machines at LPIA.


NASSAU, BAHAMAS September 11, 2022—This summer, Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) entered into a three-year contract with aviation technology company AeroCloud Systems to provide Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and gate management systems (GMS) at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA).

The move is part of the airport management company’s focus on using technology to automate operation systems at LPIA and improve overall efficiency.  AeroCloud’s 100% cloud native software platform provides stakeholders with critical data related to cancellations, delays, and diversions to better assist with day-to-day and long-term planning.   NAD’s Vice President of Operations Jonathan Hanna expects full implementation of the new technology to be completed by the end of Q3, just ahead of the peak holiday travel period.

“AeroCloud Systems utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to predict and project passenger forecasts. It takes into account seasonality including peak periods and pairs that information with data from other sources,” Hanna explains.

“What we get, in return, is an improved passenger forecast which provides data as far out as 90 days. This longer lead time allows us to plan more effectively from an operations standpoint.”

Previously, NAD’s Operations relied heavily on passenger forecasts that were a maximum of three days out.  Now, with the predictive capabilities on AeroCloud’s platform, the team can manage gating allocations more efficiently and develop contingency plans throughout the year.

Early data will also allow airport stakeholders including Bahamas Customs, Bahamas Immigration, United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP), commercial airlines, retail and food & beverage concessions to plan ahead. In addition to predictive data, stakeholders will receive real time updates on delays or cancellations via SMS text.

Hanna continues: “With better access to real time and future information, our airport partners can plan more effectively and can adjust operational hours or staffing levels as information is received. Passengers can also benefit from the data by receiving accurate updates on flights through the AeroCloud app or via LPIA’s website www.nassaulpia.com.”

A total of 10 team members from NAD’s Operations and IT Departments participated in a 2-day training conducted by Aero Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer Ian Forde-Smith and the company’s Product Manager Danny Lee. Andrew Hoppe, Director of Airport Engagement, Americas for AeroCloud, was also in Nassau for the training.

“This is the future of airport operational management, and that immediately resonated with the team at Lynden Pindling International Airport. They were especially intrigued with how AeroCloud’s innovative forward planning feature will allow them to plan gate scenarios up to three months in advance using AI and Machine Learning. Our product is innovative, cost-effective and efficient, and offers customers unlimited user licences under the umbrella of absolute security,” Hoppe said.

On the new partnership with LPIA, George Richardson, CEO and Co-Founder of AeroCloud said: “Our gate management system will create a paradigm shift for Lynden Pindling International Airport greatly reducing the amount of manual tasks required to manage their operations, and also alerting key stakeholders to take proactive measures towards avoiding conflicts and irregular operations. It’s a fail-safe solution and we applaud Lynden Pindling International Airport’s progressive approach towards resolving the disruption issues faced by many airports recently.”

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Photo Caption 2– AeroCloud representatives conduct training on new operations management system at LPIA. Picture l to r: Andrew Hoppe, Director of Airport Engagement, AeroCloud Systems, Tashena Adams, Manager, Operations Centre, NAD, Jonathan Hanna, Vice President of Operations, NAD, Danny Lee, Product Manager and Ian Forde-Smith, CTO & Founder, AeroCloud Systems.

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Former Intern Turned Airport Executive To Focus on  Technology and Automation in New Role 

NASSAU, BAHAMAS July 11, 2022—Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) today announced the appointment of Jonathan Hanna to the position of Vice President of Operations, effective July 1, 2022. At 34, he becomes the youngest person appointed to NAD’s executive management team. Hanna follows Deborah Coleby who retired from the role in June 2022 after 15 years of dedicated service to NAD.

As Vice President of Operations, Hanna will lead a team of 100+ individuals and will be responsible for directing, planning and managing the airport facilities including all airside, landside and terminal operations at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA).  He will also direct the development and execution of the airport’s long and short-term Operations plans while maintaining stakeholder relationships and growing industry knowledge within the organization.

Since April 2020, Hanna has served as Director, Terminal Operations & Facilitation and played an integral role in managing LPIA’s COVID-19 response by developing and implementing health protocols to minimize transmission and restore traveler confidence to the destination.

Like most, his passion for aviation began as a childhood fascination with how airplanes worked. Young Hanna spent hours flying model airplanes with his father and many weekends watching aircraft take off and land at LPIA.

After graduating from high school in 2006, he enrolled at the Florida Institute of Technology. The following year, NAD began its operations with the goal of transforming LPIA and the aviation sector in the country. While in college Hanna landed a coveted summer internship at the new airport management company and spent every consecutive summer in NAD’s Operations Department.  On alternate school breaks, he volunteered to work during the Easter and Christmas holidays to further immerse himself in the field.

Hanna went on to earn both a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and a Master of Science in Aviation Development & Management. In April 2014, he officially joined NAD as a Duty Supervisor where he conducted daily terminal inspections and identified ways to mitigate operational risks. Hanna later became an Airside Safety Supervisor at NAD where he developed operational manuals and worked to conduct Safety Audit Peer Reviews for airports within the Vantage Network.

In 2017, he was seconded for five months to Vantage Bahamas, a local subsidiary of Vantage Airport Group the operators of NAD, as Manager, Airport Solutions. There, he worked directly with aviation stakeholders and facilitated airside assessments to ensure regulatory compliance.

In August 2018, Hanna assumed the role of Manager, Airport Solutions at NAD with the focus on developing operations manuals and training team members to ensure compliance with international standards. That same year, Airports Council International (ACI) named him its inaugural Young Airport Professional of the Year.

On his appointment to Vice President of Operations, Vernice Walkine, President & CEO at NAD shared: “Jonathan’s career track at NAD was promising from the start. Very early on, he showed leadership qualities and strengths in the Operations Department. He has a passion for aviation and is forward thinking. Jonathan has the ability to seek out and implement solutions with both operations and customer service in mind. This is critical as we look to optimize productivity, reduce costs and increase our overall efficiency. He has demonstrated his commitment to LPIA’s growth and future progress and we are pleased to have him join our executive management team.”

She continued: “As we make this transition, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Vice President of Operations, Deborah Coleby for her steadfast leadership. We see the impact of her work in our ability to run LPIA in the safest, most efficient manner. Both Debbie and Jonathan have worked closely together over the years and we look forward to continuing to implement our short and long-term operational goals for the airport.”  Key on Hanna’s agenda is using technology and automation to optimize airport Operations and to further enhance operational efficiency. “I’m excited to take on this new role and to be a part of how the future of aviation is shaped in our country,” he said. “Our goal is to leverage technology to improve the passenger experience in our facilities and in turn, our overall operations. That will be a major focus over the next 3-5 years.”

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Photo Caption 1– Jonathan Hanna appointed new Vice President of Operations at NAD. His appointment took effect July 1, 2022.

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