Congratulations Airside Specialists Burkise Turnquest and Hazel Lundy
September 12, 2018

Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD) congratulates Hazel Lundy (pictured left) and Burkise Turnquest (pictured right) on successfully passing the Airside Safety Training course facilitated by Airport Council International (ACI). Additionally, we extend congratulations to Ms. Turnquest for successfully completing the Human Factors Safety Training course.

Safety is a primary focus of all airports around the world, so the course has been designed for delegates who already possess a good working knowledge of aviation safety and would like to enhance their expertise in airside safety.

Mesdames Lundy and Turnquest are the first two of five Safety and Emergency Operations Officers at the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD)  to successfully complete and pass the certifications.  These courses provided a broad knowledge of key safety components, which included  fundamental concepts of the human elements and understanding human performance issues,  understanding human factors and their relation to safety, guidance material for the development of runway safety programs, Wildlife Hazard Management and concepts of Safety Management Systems.







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